Cenwood Telecom is a global repurposing source for the wireless industry that specializes in the redistribution and reuse of used cell phones, smartphones and associated accessories. We are also distributing End of Life, obsolete and excessive brand-new stocks.

Founded in 2003, and headquartered in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, CENWOOD became the leader in distributing industry of pre-owned mobile.

We works with the carriers and manufacturers of mobile devices and provides variety of channels for redistribution, resale, take-back programs and safe disposal around the world.


A+ Like new without any scratches.

A Very clean stock, no dents but may

have 1-3 little lightscratches on the screen.

B Clean stock but may have 1-3 little

dents on the frameand few light scratches

on the screen.

C Stock with scratches and dents.

D Stock with broken glass.

After-sell services

In most cases we do not offer warranty any sold stock if both parties have reached an agreement on it. We also provide grading, testing and after-sale warranty service if you requested. lf you want to get the after-sale services, please contact your sales representative from Cenwood Telecom.


Your order will be dispatched once we received your payment. We cooperate with multiple logistics companies such as FedEx, UPS and Captain, etc.In most cases, you can expect your stock to arrive between 3-5 days if your business is in Dubai, Europe and US. Please feel free to contact our sales team if you have any questions. We are looking forward to doing business with you.